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Rolls-Royce Says Business as Usual After Brexit Vote Despite Prior Warnings

The engine maker sticks by its full-year forecast, though signals currency movements will prove unfavorable.
7 Skin Barrier Repair Creams -- and Why You Need One

If you have sensitive, dry or eczema- or rosacea-prone skin, you should be using a barrier repair cream. Here, we break down the latest and greatest
Coding Boot Camps Showing Significant Growth in 2016

13-week programs look to leverage skills based knowledge and tout workplace outcomes.
TotalBeauty.com Awards 2015: Best Makeup

Give your makeup drawer a makeover with these standout products
5 Stocks to Avoid in the Post-Brexit Chaos -- Plus 2 You Might Want to Buy

Here's a technical look at how to trade some of the most active stocks on the market right now.
Trump, Swift, Cosby, More Get Naked in Kanye's New Music Video

Here's something you never thought you'd see: Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, and George W. Bush naked in bed together. Enter Kanye West's new NSFW music video for "Famous," which depicts 12 celebrities sprawled out in their birthday suits on a giant bed. Also included are Caitlyn Jenner, Kim...
Source: DNA Shows Inmate Isn't Prince's Son

DNA test results show a Colorado prison inmate is not Prince's son, a source who has seen a sealed document in the case tells the AP . The finding means that Carlin Q. Williams is not entitled to inherit a fortune worth up to $300 million. TMZ , citing unnamed sources with...
Trip Cancellation Insurance: Why It's the New Must-Have for Traveling

Should you buy cancellation insurance? How about 'cancel for any reason' policies? Here are your answers.
5 Big Risks of Looking for a New Job While on the Job

If you're on a job hunt, and on the clock at work simultaneously, you could be in dangerous career territory.
Parents Want Their Kids' College Debt

After seeing Millennials burdened by the cost of college, a new generation of parents is willing to take on those costs themselves to help their kids succeed.
5 questions to ask before tapping home equity

Here's what to figure out before getting a home equity loan or line of credit.
Know the tax rules before filing as head of household

You mustbe considered "unmarried" to file as head of household. Here's what that means.
The Investopedia Anxiety Index

The Investopedia Anxiety Index
Buy or Sell the Biggest Brexit Losers (BCS, SAN)

A "yes" Brexit vote hammered some stocks down more than 13% on June 24. Now it is time to decide if that presents a buying opportunity, or not.
Documents: Michael Jackson Had Horrifying Porn Collection

Radar Online claims to have obtained official documents depicting the images of pornography, animal torture, S&M, and gore that Michael Jackson allegedly used while molesting children at Neverland Ranch. The documents exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug-and-sex-crazed predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice, and perverse...
The Economics of Mexico's Middle Class

Lean about Mexicos expanding middle class society and the causes for its change from electronics to the manufacturing industry.
Study Finds Cause of 'Mystery Holes' in Sand Dune

The mystery holes that plague an Indiana sand dune and triggered its public closure when one in July 2013 swallowed a 6-year-old boy who nearly died are apparently caused by a "ghost forest" of underground trees and "cement." Per a recent study, buried trees at Mount Baldy dune are decaying...
6 Ways to Upgrade a Basic Squat

Five squat variations so you can chisel your core and build a better butt
Why a Fed hike this week would be shocking

With a rate?increase unlikely in June, the Fed will weigh raising rates in July or September.
3 reasons to tap personal loan to buy a used car

You can buy a used car with an auto loan. Here's when a personal loan is better.
Find the right credit card when you have poor credit

Here's how to apply for a credit card whenyour credit stinks.
4 Stretches You Should Be Doing (But Aren't)

Did you know your neck crick or shoulder ache may actually mean you're tight somewhere else? Troubleshoot your sore spots and work out the real pain points in just a few minutes a day.
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'Toxic' Mom Called Family Meeting Before Opening Fire
Chilling details are continuing to surface in the shooting that left a mother and her two daughters dead in Texas. Authorities say Christy Sheats called a "family meeting" on Friday— her husband's birthday —and opened fire on daughters Madison, 17, and Taylor, 22, with a five-shot, .38-caliber handgun after the... More >
Latest News
Red Cross Swimming Safety Poster Deemed 'Super Racist'
The Red Cross is apologizing after one of its water safety posters was called out as racist. The poster, which was spotted at multiple Colorado public pools, shows swimmers engaging in "cool" and "not cool" behavior in order to illustrate what is and is not OK to do at a... More >
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